☰ Kate Coe Temnomeroff

Gallery1885 / Feedback

I have always been impressed at Kate's execution as gallery curator for exhibitors at The Camera Club. Each layout enhanced the work and created a connected sense of the room with the photographer's style. With group exhibitions, she carried this through being inclusive of all levels and still making things come together in a sensible way which I have not seen before.

~ Dan Bachmann ~

I LOVE THIS! 10/10 curator was amazing!

It's great to see such a diverse range of images and the exhibition format and presentation is superb and way beyond any camera club I've ever seen.

~ Simon Ellingworth ~

Since Kate has been running the gallery I've learnt a great deal about curation and all other aspects of exhibition display. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates Kate's work in this and other parts of the Camera Club.

~ Chris Burrows ~

The club's exhibition is excellently curated, and the member's work is really engaging! It's great to see such a wide spectrum of creativity and imagination still being practiced in the world of photography.

I've always found Kate's work very organised and very professionally executed in ways I'd be totally lost if I were doing it. All displayed pictures are accurate in description ,where necessary, and always laid out accordingly with Kate always willing to talk to people

~ Phil Taylor ~

Wonderful selection of images. Loving the hanging. Very Royal Academy Summer show feel to it. Excellent work.

~ Ted C. ~

Interesting Range of photos. 'Landscape' format has a calming effect on hanging of whole, which Kate has managed expertly despite range of moods and subjects.

~ Richard Atwell~

Amazing photos hanging on wall! See many great photographs there and communicate idea. Great show!

~ Yinong ~

Fantastic curation, great work all around

Congratulations Kate - Another Magnificent curating of an excellent exhibition - and thanks too to all the contributors with their splendid offerings!.

~ Richard ~

Over the last few years I've participated in several of Kate's exhibitions, both in London and Zagreb.

I've always found Kate's energy and enthusiasm for curating an exhibition inspiring. Her ability to produce an exhibition that works as a 'homogenous whole' and follow through with the details is impressive (not being a details man myself).

As curator she brought a huge range of photographic art to The Camera Club's, Gallery 1885 and hopefully encouraged members to try new things.

I look forward to working with Kate again in the near future.

~ Nick Gregan ~

A wonderful array of photographs with interesting and evocative themes

~ MDWV ~

Thank you to the absolutely all-time best curator!

~ G ~

Great exhibition, what a lovely bunch of folks.

~ Alex ~

A stimulating, idea sparking exhibition. Loved the variety and the company at the private view!

~ Stefon Grant ~

Fantastic curation and excellent photographic pieces! Thank you immensely.

Exhibition - Fab*
Kate - Top Girl. Fab

~ Ansar ~

Brilliant exhibition. Many interesting images. Outstanding curation.

~ T. P. ~

I really enjoyed seeing the variety of work everyone submitted! And the different styles of display used.

What a lovely exhibition! Loved the atmosphere! Photography looks amazing!!!

~ Lauren ~

Thanks for everything. I would like to come again next year. Happy New Year!!

~ Dimitry Malyshev ~

Very pleased to see the many styles on display here. Some innovative ideas as well.

Lovely to see such a variety of talent in the club - well done all.

~ D ~